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Alexander the Second was an Adrian king. He, his wife, and children were all killed at the start of the War of the Fortnight.


Centuries after Queen Catalina's reign, King Alexander the Second was the current king of Adria, and his wife was the queen. They had a couple of sons, the princes; and an infant daughter named Amelia, the princess. Adria was facing hardship at the time and the people living in Adria were suffering from hunger and a lack of water. He built the green house at the Adrian Palace for his mistress Helen of Adria.The Queen than used the greenhouse to create a beautiful garden causing the drought of Adria. Eventually, some of the people revolted and, with the help of some guards at the palace, murdered four of the five royals. Some stole from the palace and put the corpses in the windows. For a little bit, the uprising lasted before the raining outside drove the people to joy and they stopped fighting. The whole fight was called the War of the Fortnight.

Though the ruling family had been killed, Alexander the Second's sibling became the king of Adria with a formal parliament.