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Lila Estaban is the twin sister of Grace's best friend, Noah Miguel Estaban. She is at first extremely hostile towards Grace but later warms to her a little as her best friend, Megan, helps Grace in her investigation to discover who murdered her mother.



Lila's mother is Israeli but her father is Brazilian, both parents working in their country's different embassies in Adria.

Noah Estaban[]

She is the twin sister of Noah but does not get along extraordinarily well with him, though she does care about his safety. She often snaps, as sisters do, but loves him really when it comes down to it.


Her (former?) best friend is Megan, the daughter of a senior American diplomat.


Lila is described as having olive-skin and "striking black eyes". She is most likely tall with lanky legs, like her brother, and has the same shiny black hair as him. Grace also says she has "perfect cheekbones". She is described to be beautiful.


  • Lila can speak three languages: Hebrew, Portuguese, and English.