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Noah Miguel Estaban is Grace Blakely's declared best friend from the beginning of "All Fall Down" and sticks by her until the end of the book. He aids her in tracking down the Scarred Man and believes that she is not crazy from the start.

Early Life[]

Throughout the Embassy Row Series[]


He's always smiling, and trying to cheer Grace up. At some point in the book however, he stops talking to Grace for a bit, but later forgives her.

Physical Appearance[]

Noah is tall and lanky-legged, with olive-skin , freckles and spiky black hair. His eyes are dark brown. When he lies, he reportedly flares his nostrils.

Strengths & Weaknesses[]

Noah is hinted to be good at football (soccer). Noah gets upset when people lie to him and don't trust him.



Noah's parents are split up but both still work on Embassy Row in Adria. On weekends, Noah lives with his father on the Brazilian embassy and on weekdays, he stays with his mother on the Israeli embassy.

Lila Estaban[]

He has a twin sister called Lila Estaban who he tends to not get on well with, although they both love and worry about each other when there is danger about.

Grace Blakely[]

Noah is good friends with lots of the people around Embassy Row and appears to know almost everyone there, introducing Grace to all the embassy groups when she arrives back in Adria at the beginning of "All Fall Down". He also becomes her best friend when he wakes her up in the middle of the night to take her to a summer-holidays party.


Noah appears to have some sort of relationship or feelings about his friend Megan by the end of the book.





  • Noah can speak four languages: Hebrew, Portuguese, Adrian, and English.