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Template:Infobox characterRosie is from the German embassy in Adria in the Embassy Row Series. She is a friend of Grace Blakely.


Rosie was interested, and still is, in acrobatics and gymnastics. She is used to exploring the tunnels under the city of Valancia.

All Fall Down[]

She quickly befriends Grace after showing her an acrobatic trick at a party. Grace sticks up for her when Lila Estaban demands that Rosie leaves.

Throughout "All Fall Down", Rosie helps Grace track the Scarred Man and especially helpful when it comes to the tunnels under Valancia. She is an expert on all the tunnels and is the first to tell Grace of them when she arrives back in Adria at the beginning of the book.

See How They Run[]

In "See How They Run" Rosie goes to the party on the isle that Lila set up. She was excited to see Grace at the dock and was talking to her about the Scarred Man. Megan took them and Noah to the isle via boat and Rosie was nervous about the sea. Grace figured that Rosie had a fear of water.

Later, after the chaos of Alexei Volkov being accused of murdering John Spencer and the vehicle being blown up, Rosie went to the Iranian embassy where her friends were hing and embraced Alexei, and he held her, it would be alright. When Grace, Noah, and Megan decided that Alexei had to stayput out of sight, Rosie had the idea of of him staying in a cave she knew of.

When Grace and her friends go back to the isle that the party was Rosie helps to look around for clues and is nervous when Grace goes missing. She goes to the American embassy with Noah, Lila,and Megan,

Grace tells her friends about the Society, and Rosie doens't care all that much. However, she later begs to be allowed to follow Alexandra Petrovic, the stand-in Prime Minister, while the actual prime minister is in a coma after having a "heart attack" (actually shot by Eleanor Chancellor).

Physical Appearance[]

Grace describes Rosie as being extremely small, although she says that she was too tall to be a gymnast, what she wanted to be. She has pale skin and white-blonde hair.


  • Rosie can speak both German, and English.
  • She had a fear of water.