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Template:Infobox albumValancia is the capital city of Adria, and where Embassy Row is located.

The City[]

Valancia is in the shape of a circle with a large, old wall around the outside that’s protected the city for over seven centuries. It is next to the Medditerranean Sea and there are some land masses out a little ways from Valancia.

Under Valancia is a whole series of tunnels that stretch more than five hundred kilometres long and were built by the Romans.

Embassy Row[]

Embassy Row is located near the side of the wall and is very close to the Medditerranean Sea.

After World War I, the buldings near the wall turned into embassies. There are forty-seven embassies on Embassy Row, and these are the most important ones. The buildings there are old and beautiful. They have carved ceilings, pretty tiles, large halls, grand staircases, intricate sconces and parquet ballrooms.

Embassy Row is paved in cobbles and lined with antique streetlamps lit with gas. At one end of the Row, there is a winding path that leads to the cliffs and an area where embassy kids have parties on special occasions, in secret and at night. This land used to be part of the Iranian embassy, but when they sold it back to Adria after ceasing all diplomatic relations with them, it became wild and overgrown. The old Iranian building however, still belongs to Iran and is strictly off limits to embassy children. A kid on Embassy Row, Noah Estaban once tried to persuade the Israeli ambassador to buy it because it is the only embassy building that backs onto the beach and the sea.

The US embassy is next to the Russian embassy, which is next to the Japanese embassy, which is next to the Italian embassy, which is next to the old Iranian embassy. This is one end of Embassy Row.